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Pay Rent and Submit Maintenance Requests Online

Did you know that you can now pay your rent online? It's fast, easy, and secure, so why wait? Below, you'll find some information on how to get started and a few reasons why so many others have already made the switch!

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It’s easy! Just let us know you want to pay your rent online and we'll email you an account activation link.

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Once you’ve signed up, you can:

  • View and pay your bills anytime (24/7)
  • View and pay your bills from anywhere (any computer with an internet connection)
  • Set up an automatic payment
  • Sign up for automatic reminder emails
  • Review your payment history
  • Submit Maintenance Requests

Common Maintenance Issues:

Always check to see if breakers have flipped causing power loss before you contact office. Don't see your issue listed below? Submit a Maintenance Request through the Resident Portal above.

  • Problem: Disposal stopped working
  • Solution: turn off the breaker to the disposal and place a pot or bucket under the disposal to catch any water. Disconnect the pvc pipe where the connecting joint is to remove the clog. After connecting the joint, push the reset button underneath the disposal and turn the breaker back on. Sometimes you may also need to put an allen wrench in the opening underneath the disposal to loosen the blades.
  • Problem: Sprinklers not coming on.
  • Solution: If you have had a power outage recently, check your timer box to see if the times are not corresponding or if the clock needs to be reset.

Account Setup

It only takes a few minutes to get started! Here’s what you need to do: Contact us and let us know you’re interested in paying your rent online. Give us your current email address so we can send you an invitation email. When you get the invitation email (it will come from donotreply@appfolio.com), click on the link in the email to set up your account. Create a secure password and activate your account. That’s it! Now you can log in anytime, from anywhere and make payments, schedule payments, view your payment history, and more!

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